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What we do



We listen. To what you need, to what you have, and to what you would like. We work closely with you to understand your style and your interior goals and put together a considered and achievable scheme and space that reflects you and the home you want to live in.  We focus on increasing the potential of every room so you that you can access the full use of space, storage, functionality, flow and most of all, beauty within your home.



We look at things differently. What you might see as old and outdated, we can consider with fresh eyes. From upholstery to repainting, changing purpose or changing position, we like to find ways to rethink rather than reject what you already own. We take care to restore and renovate to bring an item back to its former glory without losing its character and charm. We don’t favour a particular style or era, whether you love mid century modern or classic antiques, we love to integrate old with new. We are guided by our clients and no two homes will be the same. What is fixed is our belief that nothing should go out of style, it’s all about balance. 



It’s important that your home and your space reflects how you live and how you want to make use of your home. We will create spaces and schemes bringing in colour and texture, light and interior aspects that speak to who you are, what your space needs to offer you and how you feel when you’re in it. Our designs are bespoke to your brief and we can be involved in as much or as little as you need. 



It is our absolute pleasure and passion to take on the mission of sourcing exactly what you need. From artwork to fabrics, antiques to ceramics, we consider everything. There is nothing more satisfying than trawling auction sites and marketplaces, antique shops, galleries and flea markets and finding the perfect home for a most unique item. We believe that our homes should be ‘of a kind’, not replicating one another and sourcing unusual and hard to find pieces is the perfect way to achieve that. 



We work with clients in the process of selling to maximise a property’s potential and ensure it’s at its most desirable for prospective buyers. Whether it’s a much loved family home or an investment property, we respectfully rethink and restyle the space to ensure it’s seen and shown in its best light. From careful re arranging, paint colour consultation to individual room staging, we advise the most time and cost efficient path to achieve the maximum reward from the sale process.

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